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north-star-art-on-blueTransforming your leadership style starts with acquiring greater awareness of the status quo.

It's about a better understanding of yourself and others, in order to recognize gaps, needs and strengths. Scaling questions are a great fun way, encouraging introspection and gaining perspective.

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The Successful Leader’s North Star™

How do You measure yourself as a Leader?

On a clean sheet of paper, draw a scale like so:


The numbers on the scale are represented as follows:
0 = Not at all 
5 = Sometimes 
10 = Completely

As you answer each question, make sure you draw up a new scale so you end up with 3 scales. If another pertinent question pops up in your mind, write it down and answer it using the same scale again. Remember to answer them how you are today at work, not how you want or wish to be. (mark the scale, using a different colour for each answer)


How well do you think as a leader you understand the individual needs of your team members ?


How well do you think as a leader you understand the collective needs of the team as whole ? 


How much do you believe your coworkers trust you as their leader?


How comfortable are you at making key decisions when the pressure is on?


What made you mark your answer like you did?
What needs to change in order for you to gain a point or two on your scale?

Being a Star Leader requires having a relevant combination of hard and soft skills. The Successful Leader's North Star™ points you in YOUR right direction, so you begin to lead with greater integrity and greater credibility, thus inspiring those around you to want to be a part of your success. The Successful Leader's North Star™ is a success model, enabling you to step up your game as an authentic and purposeful leader, generating greater ROI by leveraging your team's performance whilst keeping a sharp focus on your strategic direction. It is composed of 4 sub-models, each one corresponding to a point of the Successful Leader's North StarTM, and one central sub-model called the Target Motivator™.


Why we do what we do

At Vectoring Talents, we believe that being a Star Leader™ is about skill and attitude, rather than having an inherited leadership gene. Star Leaders™ are leaders who...

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