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Thank you for your commitment and concern for perfection with which you led the workshop. Your capacity to recap each time after breaks helped us to keep a sharp focus and better understand how it fits the bigger picture.

Bahia Bejar-Ghadhab, Tunisia

From a professional point of view, being a trainer myelf, I saw concrete exercises, concrete examples, excellent analysis and feedback. Chapeau bas, Deborah.

Rami Elias Naouri, Jordan

Deborah's training brings clarity, expertise and innovation to the domain of leadership. Personally I have benefited enormously from her workshops which made me define where my future business path should go and how to implement actions in line with good leadership practices.

Melanie Gulliver, The Clever Kitchen

Deborah's training skills combined with the workshop exercises, and her communicative style both during and outside the Training Programme conferred a good vibe around the training programme. To resume, it was very professional, congratulations.

Béchir Lassoued, Tunisia

You showed great listening and organizational skills, and above all a spirit of sharing and appreciation of others.


Deborah is a gifted trainer. I delivered a 4-day highly intensive training programme on Gender Diversity with her and was tremendously impressed by her facilitation and intercultural skills as well as her passion and dedication to the training and its topic. She managed to transfer the rather technical and complex training contents in a highly inspiring and easily understandable fashion. The training addressed independent consultants from the MENA region and Deborah proved her intercultural skills by adjusting the training to the cultural background of the participants and switching between the English and the French language when necessary. She truly cared about the participants, managed to solve upcoming conflicts directly and thereby ensured a great training experience for all. I really enjoyed having her on the trainer team and truly hope we will continue working together.


"Without any judgment, criticism or advice, Deborah helped me sort out my priorities and take action. She's a good listener who inspires confidence and trust (...)"

Christine B. (Professional Translation Services)

"Deborah is an amazing coach and mentor. She finds the best in people and has an extraordinary knack of helping them find the confidence and drive to implement plans and achieve their goals. She is easy to confide in, very personable and a pleasure to work with"

Julie H. (Corporate coach and mediator)

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! (...) you helped me focus and find what was the real issue I needed to address at that moment.Then you helped me design on my own the right Action plan to address that issue. (...) I feel like I'm on the right track. I feel like I did my job as a leader!"

Marina T. (Project Manager)

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