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Leadership : An Art more than a skill

Managing is « hands-on » ; Leading is « hands-off ».
Striking the right balance between the two is an art in itself

In today's age of information overload and time scarcity, leaders at work are spending far too much time, effort and energy Managing and are not investing themselves enough in Leading.

Whilst those leaders who roll up their sleeves to play a front-line role in putting out fires, resolving issues and making decisions score high on the popularity ratings of their team members, the flip-side of the coin is they are quite possibly not serving them optimally.

north star bubbles color smLeaders are responsible for creating work environments that foster true employee engagement and synergistic performance levels ; others need them to show the way, and provide them with the « bigger picture » to bring meaning and significance to their own work ; Leadership is about articulating and communicating a clear and attainable vision, bringing a new dimension and a greater sense of community at work, which in turn steps up standards and levels of performance.

Why we do what we do

At Vectoring Talents, we believe that being a Star Leader™ is about skill and attitude, rather than having an inherited leadership gene. Star Leaders™ are leaders who...

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