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Leadership : Stop Treating People Equally

"If your leadership style implies treating everyone equally, then you are probably headed in the wrong direction"

I stepped out of my comfort zone this week and experienced my first ever AcroYoga class outdoors, in the midst of nature... Whilst I have practiced yoga for over 10 years, this had a new twist to it, where your performance depended on a dual effort between your core strength and that of your yoga partner's. It also depended on massive amounts of trust...

Being a Star Leader™ is too, like a balancing act between you, the leader, and the person you are leading, where synchronicity and synergy is key. Synchronicity because it's about accomplishing a goal by moving forward inter-dependently and purposefully; and Synergy because it's the leader's job to leverage their team members' talents so that optimum results are achieved through capitalizing the team's potential, which would otherwise not be achievable.

Summer downtime : A Must for Leaders.

"A summer holiday is a must if you want to keep that flexible and resilient mindset that makes you act and lead with influence and credibility"

Perhaps your idea of an ideal summer break is taking in the greens of Iceland's misty landscapes... or maybe it is exposing yourself to warm sunrays by the sea... whatever takes your fancy, I hope you are satisfying that vital need of taking a summer holiday (or have done). Because disconnecting « from it all » has more to it than just consciously leaving your i-phone behind before heading to the pool or tearing yourself away from the temptation of hunting for the hotel's wifi password...

So what exactly can a summer break have in store for us leaders ?

Ever heard of Caring Leadership?

"We have entered an era where a Leadership crisis has emmerged... It's time to look beyond stakeholders' expectations and start caring more".

I came across an alarming statistic the other day : 7 out of 8 people go home every day feeling that they work for a company that does not care about them[1]. A statistic that is pretty much worldwide.

« A caring company ». Who's heard of that term before, let alone worked for one ? By definition, a company's dialogue is one based around numbers, performance and profits. « Care » is that touchy-feely aspect that not many corporate leaders believe has much place at all in the office, let alone is an issue worth addressing in the workplace.

Yet this is the very reason why employees go home after work feeling deflated, demoralized and devalued. Despite our subconscious knowing that "happy employees = higher-performing employees", us leaders are still holding on tight to our narrow focus of producing measurable results.

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